1923 Ford T-Bucket

s-l1600 (11)s-l1600 (12)

It has a 1969 327 cubic inch, small block Chevy, Pete Jackson gear drive (noisy), an aluminum intake manifold with TRI-POWER, 3 Rochester crabs, on progressive linkage, it has M.S.D. IGN. a Walker 4 core radiator, power glide transmission, with a manual shift, (2 speed) with a Saturday night special. a 2500 stall speed converter in it, it has a 1957 Chevy rear end with 3;73 gears in it. It is raspberry with yellow flames, it has a removable top(just redone) the dash board is solid oak, with Stewart Warner gauges.

For more information, you can view this car on eBay, click here.

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