1947 Citroen 11cv

s-l1600s-l1600 (1)

Restored and modified in July of 1998.It is not a perfect show car but it is definitlely a favorite at any car show. It is very nice, drives very well, goes and stops with authority and of course it is the only one in the world like this. Car is ready to go cross country. New battery, rebuilt transmission 6 months ago. This started as a rust free 47 citroen, was built on a professionally designed and built modern chassis. Mustang 2 front end, ford rear end, chevy engine and trans. Vintage air. This was built by an engineer to be comfortable to sit in and cruise long distances in comfort. It is a pleasure to drive and is supremely reliable. This is the ultimate “thumbs up” classic.

For more information, you can view this car on eBay, click here.

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