1966 Volkswagen Beetle

1966 Volksrod Custom. This is a running driving fully custom car that took four years to build. Every system is new or rebuilt. Rebuilt engine (1600cc dual port) all new cylinders, jugs, heads, bearings, you name it, the complete kit.
Transaxle rebuilt to new condition. Brakes all new except for the drums otherwise the complete kit.
New wiring harness, all lights, full electrical system except for the ignition coil.
All new tires, ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, and shocks (Air shocks in rear). New floor pans. I’m sure there’s more.
Now the fun stuff; The roof tops out at 41″, depending on how you set the air shock. The pan is 4″ off the ground, clears speed bumps. Up front it has 2″ drop spindles, an 8″ beam extender with another 2″ drop and an adjustable beam. Out back there is a 3.5″ trans raise and the chassis has been raised at the torsion bars another 4″. The body was sectioned 4″ and the roof was chopped approximately 6″.
The inside; Most notable is the head liner, consisting of over 5500 pennies. Each individually adhered with J B weld. All windows are 1/4″ Lexan (no door windows). The speedometer is the only working gauge. The WWII era airplane gauges are just for show. The seat are surprisingly comfortable for all steal and old tractor seats. It has seat belts, headlights, turn signals, hazard lights, and a horn. There is no back seat. The battery box is an old .50 Cal ammo box. For the gas tank it uses a 7.75 gallon Pabst Blue Ribbon keg. There is no gas gauge.
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