1951 Plymouth Wagon

  • Car was built in California in about 1996 by Boyd Coddington’s shop, per prior owner Ed Schartman.  Steve Stanford (design) and Pete Santini (paint) collaborated on the build and confirm Boyd Build.
  • Car had a small-block Chevy drivetrain initially
  • Car was purchased by Ed Schartman in 2000. “Fast Eddie Schartman” drag racing hall of fame.
  • Prior owner history unknown.
  • Schartman converted the drivetrain to a 426 Hemi at his dealership “Great Northern Dodge”.
  • Engine was a back-up for Ed’s Super Stock Hemi Dart race car. Engine is a Ray Barton Super Stock build, de-tuned for street use.
  • Car was mainly used for shows while Ed owned it.
  • We purchased the car in the fall of 2005.
  • We initially used the car for show, but then started using it for cruises and club events.
  • We modified various systems on the car in 2007/8 to make it more reliable for cruising vs. “trailer to show”.
  • Car was driven in the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise and for various cruises that fall.
  • Car is now in Florida and is driven in cruises and to local shows and club events.
  • For more information, check it out on eBay, click here.
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