Mystery Car 6/11/18

Here is your mystery car of the day.   What is it?  Check it out on eBay, click here.

Don’t post the answer on Facebook.   Let the other guys hunt it down like you did.

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Mystery Car 6/9/18

Here is today’s mystery car.   Want to know what it is. click here.

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1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe

To see more photos of this car including engine, interior, etc… Click here. 

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1947 Chevrolet Pickup

You want a show stopper?!  Look no further!  Super Cool and fun 1947 Rat Rod!  There are no known mechanical issues. It starts right away every time. The two front tires are new and be sure to take a look at the Mickey Thompsons on the back!  The truck interior is alligator ($1,100). The interior of the camper is birch paneling with crown molding.  Added later is a beer keg that works great as the gas tank. The camper is wired with 110 and the porch light works as well! The Airfloat camper used was purchased for $2,000. It has current inspection, license, and insured. The Rat Rod normally wins a People’s Choice award!!   Check it out on eBay, click here.

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1937 Oldsmobile F-37

This 2 door F37 sedan has been refitted with a chromed 327/350 Chevy smallblock engine.  Actual Car mileage unknown.  Odometer has 38000 miles plus.  New engine has less than 10,000 miles.  Automatic transmission with floor shift, vintage air, and a lowered Camaro front end. Front brakes are disc, rear brakes are drum. No rust!  Paint is great.  Has some small gravel chips.  No power steering. It also has CD/ radio, and MAG wheels. Beautiful metallic plum paint done well. Plush leather interior.  Check it out and see more pictures on eBay, click here.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon.   Yeah, this is hot rod web page but we all have mothers or wives or daughters that we love and want to get them something for Mother’s Day.   Just a heads up for all my hot rod friends out there.   You can really find a lot of great deals on eBay.  Rings, watches, jewelry, clothing, pocket books, electronics, etc.   Just don’t buy her a treadmill.  Check out all the deals on eBay before it is too late, click here.

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Tool Sale at eBay

eBay has a large selection of generators and other tools on sale.   This particular one retails for $999 and is on sale right now through April for $580.  Check it out here:  click here.  And don’t forget to check out all the tools they have on sale.

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1962 Volkswagen Beetle

Check it out on eBay, click here.

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1967 Volvette

Custom 1992 Corvette & 1967 Volvo 1800, Excellent Condition.  A complete 1992 Corvette and a complete 1967 Volvo 1800 were the starting point for this custom car. The body panels of the Corvette were modified and/or replaced with the Volvo 1800 body parts to create a vehicle that appears to be a modern looking Volvo 1800, but with all the amenities of a modern vehicle. This car is basically a Corvette that looks very much like a custom Volvo 1800 . It is titled and licensed as a 1992 Corvette.

This very unique car, which one might now logically call a custom Volvette 1800, was featured in the Volvo magazine Rolling ( in May/June and July/August 2008. It has all of the features, chassis, interior, luxury and fantastic drivability of a 1992 Corvette with the appearance of a customized Volvo 1800. All of the original Corvette features are 100% functional including heat/air conditioning, ventilation, power steering, power seats, power windows, stability ASR, etc. The Avon M600 tires are 255/45/17 front and 275/40/17 rear and these are mounted on 9 1/2″ new Corvette wheels,  The amount invested in this custom professionally built car far exceeds the buy it now price.

This Volvette is complete and fully operational in every respect. It is ready for many years of use and enjoyment. The Corvette engine, drive gear and chassis are all in excellent condition. This Volvette will always turn heads and attract a crowd, and will be a real hit at car shows and concourse competitions.  Check it out on eBay, click here.

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1938 Garwood Bus Coach

VERY RARE BUS. This is a 1938 Garwood coach they made 100 aluminum. None are known to exist except this one. It does not run, but is all complete. Has serial number still on it and can be seen in the listed photos. I’ve provided two pictures for information on this bus. This bus has been in storage for many years. It needs total restoration. It has a wood floor in it. Overall solid bus. No glass in it. It is all ford factory running gear. All seats are in it. It can be hauled on a trailer  Check it out on eBay, click here.

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